UK: Key Brexit policy papers to be released in next few weeks

THE NEWSGHOST, NIGERIA – Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK), is expected to release papers on the position of the UK on key Brexit issues in a few weeks.

Report says, the office of the prime minister confirmed this on Monday, August 7, 2017.

The key issues to be covered in the policy papers include the customs union and Northern Ireland.

The decision to release the anticipated policy papers came after Simon Fraser, a former head of UK’s Foreign Office, criticised the attitude of the government of UK towards the Brexit negotiations.

According to report, Fraser said:

‘The negotiations have only just begun. I don’t think they have begun particularly promisingly, frankly, on the British side.

‘We haven’t put forward a lot because, as we know, there are differences within the cabinet about the sort of Brexit that we are heading for and until those differences are further resolved I think it’s very difficult for us to have a clear position.

‘So far we haven’t put much on the table apart from something on the status of nationals, so we are a bit absent from the formal negotiation. We need to demonstrate that we are ready to engage on the substance so that people can understand what is really at stake here and what the options are, so let’s move forward with that.’

Businesses are strongly pressing for a replacement for the customs union which allows free movement of goods across the borders of the European Union (EU) member states.

Prime Minister May was reported to have said she wants to leave the customs union in other to strike free trade deals with other countries and achieve ‘frictionless trade’, but the UK will try to replicate the current arrangement as closely as possible.

UK negotiators are also having a tough time talking with the EU, because Brussels has said it would not proceed to the next stage of the talk on the future relationship between EU and Britain until progress is made on resolving the border with the Republic of Ireland, as well as agreeing a financial settlement and the status of EU nationals.

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