What has changed, how far we have gone: Updates on design, policy and performance


Between last month and this month, we made new changes to our operating style and recorded new achievements in our performance.

After redesigning our website last month and seeing how our targets have reacted to our offerings, we realised we had to try a different style of operation.

One of the major changes was on our employee management. While we offered only commissions-on-revenue formerly, we now offer fixed payment with other benefits. Our goal here is to attract and retain employees better than we have done before.

Another one was on our user management. We made tireless effort to make the user experience better. Like we did for employees, we switched from commissions-on-revenue to fixed pay. Under the new arrangement, we are trying to enable more transparency, expected user income per post is to be published on our hompage from time to time. This week, we have set user income per post at ₦100. Some conditions apply to payments though, you would find them in our terms and policy statement here.

We also stepped up our content management. Our in-house team and our users no longer have to draft posts and email them to our editor for reviewing and publishing. Our new website allows administrator to create personal user profiles for several persons. So each member of our team and each one of our users can now have a personal account on our site where they can directly draft posts and easily collaborate with each other on content production.

We hope that the changes and the progress we have made would help us operate and perform better.

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