What men look for in a woman

Over time, there has been the believe that all men are just looking for a woman who has nice and long legs, long hair and a beautiful body, without considering other things. But that is not entirely true. Men respond to other things.

As men become more mature, what they look for in a woman, although varies among different kinds of men, becomes a bit similar. Some of these include:

Good character

Nothing is worse and more unattractive than a beautiful woman with an unappealing character. Being beautiful has a whole lot more to do with a woman’s personality and who she is.

Sometimes one would notice a very pretty girl who stays single and any man who comes around her runs away like she is a plague.

Men want a woman who has a good character, a woman they can trust to respect them outside or inside the home. Character is always what most men tend to look out for in a woman. A woman who does not have to pretend to be good, but who is actually a good person and easy to live and laugh with.

Not materialistic

Obviously, a man would want a woman he can spoil with his money, if he has the resources and feels she deserve it. But a man would find it unappealing when a woman feels that all a man is useful for is treating her to luxury restaurants and she starts throwing tantrums when he does not do so.

No man looks for a woman who is only good to him when the times are good and who becomes a monster the moment she realises he is having a bad time.


Men like physical contact, while women like what they hear mostly. Men are naturally drawn to touch. A woman who is affectionate to a man is more welcoming to him.

A man wants to be kissed randomly by a woman, or hugged, or be asked about his day at work. It makes him feel wanted and naturally men are drawn to that. A man would look for an affectionate woman most times. Nobody is attracted to a robot.


An intelligent woman will always be attractive to man. Men like women who can hold a good and engaging conversation.

Intelligence in this sense does not necessarily mean a woman with an infinite IQ, but at least a woman who would know a few things about the world and what is going on around her.

Life is difficult atimes and a man would like a woman who can at least add an input to one or two challenges. No man likes a woman who only knows about the latest handbags and shoes in town. Men like women who would ask them questions that motivate them to think and drive them to be better and more successful than they already are.

Playful and exciting

Men like women who are not boring, women who are lively and can make them feel young again. Men are playful in nature and would like a woman who plays.

A man would like a woman who watches sports with him and plays wrestle mania with him. A woman who is sure to make him laugh.

Once a woman can connect with a man actively through playfulness, she becomes his favourite. Most men are bound to like that.

Emotionally mature

In every relationship between a man and a woman, there is bound to be misunderstandings, because people always respond to things differently.

A woman should have the maturity to process things in a civilized manner and not blame the man unjustly for the way she feels at any time.

A man looks for a woman who is mature and is able to express her feelings in a straight forward manner which would help her understand his flaw and win his respect in the long run. No man likes drama. So, a man would rather choose a woman who would not provide him with drama every day.


Yes, most men want to be breadwinners, but women have support roles to play and this is often neglected by most women.

A man wants that cushion that can push him back or break his fall if ever he falls. A man wants a woman who would support him in the choices he makes in life, either when starting a new business or taking a big business risk. He wants a woman who would support and believe in him.

Supporting him can come in as little as telling him he can do it and listening to him when he rants about his day. A man would always be drawn to a woman who would support his dreams and make him better.

In conclusion, in as much as all these may not be prefered by all men as per what they look for in a woman, most men would pick one or more of these traits when looking for their ideal woman.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Anyway, thank you for reading. If you have any comment to share, I will be happy to hear from you.

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