Why everyone needs tech for work

I have met a few people who think tech is only useful for a small group of workers. Maybe only for elite business people and employees of giant corporations. I observe that these people’s thought of tech is often based on blind assumptions, lack of technical knowhow and uninformed opinions from other people.

Everyone needs tech for work of course. There should be no argument about this.


Because the technological change going on around the world and the increasing adoption of technology everywhere, especially at workplaces, are creating increasing demand for some tech skills from people, young or old, poor or rich.

A team of economists and technologist facilitated by the World Bank explained in their article titled ‘Everyone needs tech skills, not just youth‘ that, ‘We need to make sure that older workers and those already in the work force have the skills to take advantage of technological change.’

Based on two studies centered on Poland and India, the team suggested that, ‘In Poland, the changes in the task content of jobs have been substantial. But they have also created jobs. In India, the capital-augmenting technological progress has reduced labor share in gross value added, but also increased incomes of highly skilled, non-production workers. However, in both Poland and India, low skilled, production workers, and older workers have been disadvantaged as employers and economies adopt technology.’

The rise of the digital economy is gradually rendering non-tech savvy workers obsolete as you can see. As it is, the skill gap among workers is also resulting to income gap in the new economy. And except everyone is skilled in tech to some extent, there may be more inequality in the distribution of jobs and income.

Apart from this, tech makes work easier and saves a lot of cost. It allows more work to be done at a particular time without using up much money or resources. Currently, the growing concept of internet of things is fuelling tons of tech applications for day to day tasks which were usually handled by humans. One good example is drone technology. Drones are remote-controlled flying tech objects and they are already in use in agriculture, transportation, security and warfare, and many other areas of life in some parts of the world.

Drop that idea that not everyone needs tech work if you have always believed that was true. Do not be left behind, the change is fast happening already. Get skilled in tech.

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