WISPI report: Nigeria Police Force rated worst globally

THE NEWSGHOST, NIGERIA – According to latest report, Nigeria Police Force (NPF) has been ranked the worst police organisation in the world by the World Internal Security and Police Index International (WISPI).

Based on certain factors, the body has confidently rated Nigeria’s police force as the worst in the world.

WISPI’s 2016 report, describes the NPF as the worst globally in terms of handling internal security challenges.

Singapore ranked highest on the index, while Finland is second, followed by Denmark.

The report was released based on the assessment of 127 countries by the International Police Science Association and the Institute for Economics and Peace.

The indices used in determining the ranking of the police organisations were used to measure the ability of the security agency in a country to respond to internal security challenges both now and future. These indices are: capacity, process, legitimacy and outcomes.

According WISPI’s report the NPF performed worst on all the four parameters with a score of 0.255, ranking 127 below Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Uganda and Pakistan.

The report released by WISPI read:

‘There are 219 police officers for every 100,000 Nigerians, well below both the index median of 300, and the sub-Saharan Africa region average of 268.

‘This limits the capacity of the Force to measure up to its law and order mandate.

‘In terms of process, legitimacy and outcomes, the story is not different; which makes the Force to fall short of the required standards.’

Nigeria Police Force (NPF) spokesman, Jimoh Moshood, said the report is misleading and lacking in empirical evidence, and WISPI did not take into consideration the significant improvement in the areas of capacity building, training and re-training of the personnel of the Force.

He stressed that NPF had been rated the best in United Nations peace-keeping operations in the world, and the Force cannot be the worst under any known parameters.

The police spokesman said:

‘Currently, the Nigeria Police Force is one of the only two African delegates representing the whole of African continent on the executive committee of Interpol, a position the Force attained based on high performance, merit and sustained good track records.’

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