Zack Orji condemns critics of tithing

THE NEWSGHOST, NIGERIA – Zack Orji, a veteran Nollywood actor, in a chat with journalists aired his opinion on tithing, an issue which has generated so much controversy on social media in recent days, report says.

OAP Freeze has been a leading voice in the controversy that has led to reactions from pastors.

Orji said tithing is a personal thing between tithers and their God. He said it is a terrible thing to condemn the men of God. He described those condemning tithing as ignorant.

The actor said he has been ordained as a pastor for five years and is careful about making certain statements.

He told journalists that:

‘I am a pastor, ordained for five years now. The issue of tithing is a personal thing.

I get very careful about making certain statements I have watched some people condemn tithing, say a lot of things about men of God and I pity some of those people because they are speaking out of ignorance.

It is a terrible thing to go on the social media and be condemning men of God and be condemning something that is in the bible.’

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